Watermen's Memorial

The DBWM Bell

The Delaware Bay Watermens Memorial was dedicated on June 2, 2018.

The Bell is part of the Bayshore Center at Bivalve's and can be visited during regular business hours.

Photo Rachel Cobb

We are excited to have located the ‘right’ bell which is mounted on a Sampson Post. The post was created by Shipwright, Jorge Phillips and very much resembles the one which stood proudly on the Cashier. We had hopes of using the Cashier’s post, but unfortunately, it has seen better days. The base was a found wooden piece and carpenter William Robbins did the memorial assembly & carpentry. Memorial installation was done by Karl Kramer, Leo Warner & Dave Zane, BCB volunteers.
The Bell memorial was the concept of the artist, Deborah Waddington Smith.

We thank everyone who helped may June 2nd special. You can download the full program.
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More pictures and video to be added soon.


Watch the video and hear the tone of the bell.

In the video, Meghan Wren and Rachel Dolhanczyk - Bayshore Center at Bivlave . the first time we saw and heard the bell