Watermen's Memorial

2015 Fundraisers

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Delaware Bay Watermen’s Memorial Meet the Artists & Preview Party
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Delaware Bay Watermen’s Memorial

Delaware Bay Watermen’s Memorial

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Gladys White
Sheldon Strober
Scott Trull
J. Gill Lippincott and Sylvia Lippincott
Brenda Harned
William Wiley and Constance Wiley
Mori Kiger
John McGinnis and Chris McGinnis
Melissa Keefe
Gladis Anderson
Rachel Sierra
Mary Hancock
Richard McDermott
Torrey Reade
Molly Carpenter and Preston Carpenter
Jeanne Campbell and David Campbell
Donna Bennett
James Crawford
Phebe Hemphill
Alejandro Lemus
Kevin Elder and Cynthia Elder
Ann R. Bower
Barbara Dawson
Phillip Correll
Ronald Magill
James Turk
David Smith
Mary Waddington
Robert Campbell
William Spangler and Mary Spangler
Warren Morgan and Sara Morgan
Mark Quinnette
Deborah W. Smith
Lisa Marich
Andrew Young and Mary Beth Morris
William Riggin
Barney and Debi Hollinger
Eileen Bernhardt
Robbin Berry 
Rachel Cobb
Alvina Baum
Liz Hoffman
Ginny Campbell 
Gloria and John Guidera
Molly Carpenter
Deborah Dimarco
Elizabeth Leidolf
Gordon and Pat Moore
Jan Stiegler
Ron Garrison
Sheldon Stober
Scott Knoll
Sylvia Lippincott
Gill Lippincott
Coney Wiley
William Wiley
Mori Kiger
John McGinnis
Melissa Keefe
Gladis Anderson
Rachel Siera
Mary Hancock
Richard J. McDermott
Mehgan Wren
C B Hemphill
Kevin Elder
Cindy Elder
Barbara Ralston
Ron McGill
Ed Wiscowski


Food Supplied by

The McBride Family Oyster Enterprises
Members of the Port Norris Historical Society
Friends and Neighbors of Deborah Waddington Smith
The Meghan Wren Family

BAY Day Door Prise Winners June 2015
3 Port Norris Books: Frances Plumline of Millville
2 Sail tickets for the AJ Meerwald: Lisa Marich